The Crows at Hampton Court Palace
The Crows at Hampton Court Palace


Our service is bespoke, which means we begin every project by taking the time to find out more about you. 

Some clients might know exactly where they want to start, some clients might only know where they want to end up, but either way, we’ll research your brand, consider your budget and guide your thinking to ensure we’re creating the video that you want with the message that you need.

Our honest and helpful approach fosters long-term client relationships; which we hold as central to what we do.  This means we’ll never talk you into something that you don’t need, or can’t afford.  But even if you have an idea that might seem ambitious, it may not be; our years of industry experience have also allowed us to develop unique workflows that get the best out of your budget, at whatever scale that may be. 


After finalising an approach we’ll typically head into pre-production -  which basically means we start to arrange all the things required for your shoot and edit.  This may require the sourcing of interviewees, exploring locations, creation of storyboards, casting actors, researching specialist equipment or engaging third party suppliers such as drone operators etc.  We’re highly transparent though and all decision are signed off by you first. 


Providing all equipment and travelling to wherever you may need we always keep our crew footprint as small as possible.  You’ll find us warm and diligent and we always have a clear idea of what we need to capture to make the edit work.  We use cutting-edge cinema quality equipment and are able to shoot in HD or 4k if required.  Known for our friendly ‘can do’ attitude, we’re proud to say we’ve never run over time on a shoot day and we’re highly self-sufficient. 


Once production is complete we enter post-production.  It's during this phase that we edit together the various strands of your film – interviews, b-roll, scenes, whatever that may be - paying special attention to the things that may work subliminally on your audience – eye-scan, cut timing, compositional changes, removing pauses -  small things which help dictate how the audience feels, without them being overtly aware of their effect.  As well as the structural work, we’ll colour correct and grade your film (and yes - there’s a difference that even many filmmakers don’t understand!), we’ll sound mix your film, adding motion graphics and source, and add in music if required. 

We can also provide a range of other services such as animation and subtitling. 


Once we’ve a completed first cut, we’ll then begin a period of consultation where you can watch your finished edit and make all the adjustments that you require using our secure password protected video channel. 

When you’re happy, we’ll deliver your film however you may require it, and unlike many film companies we are more than happy to provide all your source footage and edit on a portable hard drive.  That way you’re not tied into working with us if you need recuts – we’re happier knowing that our clients come back to us because they want to rather than because they’re obliged to.