Some of the Crows filming a product launch
Some of the Crows filming a product launch

****Over 250 Videos Made****
****All of our clients are returning clients****
****BAFTA long listed****
****TMT Award Winners****
****Whatsonstage Best theatre trailer finalists****
****100% of videos delivered on time****
****100% of videos delivered on budget****
****no hidden extras****

Need a corporate / charity / exhibition / promotion film for a social media campaign? Worried about the stress of managing it all?  Desperate to find a reliable company that can deliver work to a high enough standard?

Blind Crow are a multi award-winning film production company founded in 2009, our mission - to craft engaging, unique films for engaging, unique clients, whatever the budget, whatever the brief.

What we are… is a small team of talented filmmakers focused entirely on understanding what you need and delivering that to the highest possible standard.

What we’re not… is a megalith agency, where the significance or purpose of your project may get lost amongst a gaggle of collaborators.   

Founded by Matt Rozier and Peter Wilkinson, Blind Crow work alongside a small close-knit team of creative freelancers to deliver films for a range of clients.  With a freelancer’s mentality, we purposefully keep our team small as we believe it allows a more boutique style of working, permitting us to spend your budget on things that’ll make a difference to your final film.

We’re brand-aware and business-minded and can take a project from the seed of an idea, all the way through to final delivery.  Even if you’re not sure in the early stages precisely what you want, what you need or how much it may cost, we’re more than happy to brainstorm ideas and to offer some sage words of advice too.