The Road to Mongolia (2015)

The Road to Mongolia is a 50 minute documentary following the adventures of the CPR Quarterhorse team – Brian, Kev and David – as they drive a 1.2 litre Vauxhall Corsa from the North-East of England to Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia.
Captured through over 900GB of footage on a GoPro camera by the Quarterhorse team, the documentary has taken 18 months to edit together and tells the story of the teams’ journey through 13 countries, across the thick end of 8000 miles, in 27 days – the things they saw, the people they met, the accidents they had, and the effect this momentous challenge has had on them.
As with all who do the Mongol Rally, Brian, Kev and David raised money for chosen charities:
The Blue Marine Foundation:
And Cool Earth:

Please visit these sites to see the fantastic work of these charities and give what you can.

The documentary was directed and edited by Peter Wilkinson:

All of the music for the documentary was supplied by the brilliant Kowalski – if you like what you hear (and you’re mad if you don’t), visit their site on Bandcamp to download their tracks:

The film was produced by Brian Clarke, David Pye, Kev Robson & Sara Robson – the latter two being two halves of Wild Dog Outdoors, a Northumberland based company who specialise in Outdoor activities, bushcraft and historical guided tours:

The CPR Quarterhorse team would like to extend their thanks to all who supported and sponsored them in preparing for and completing the Mongol Rally, a full list of whom can be found at the end of the documentary.

We hope you enjoy watching. If the Mongol Rally is something that floats your boat, then follow this link to find out more from The Adventurists – the organisers of the event: